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01.10.2008, 22:10
Kako je kolega Xeg rekao juce je zavrseno izdavanje GC za 2008, a danas su bili prvi intervjui za nasu godinu ..:) DV2009.

Na dva intervjua danas su trazili ljudima plavi papir iz policije, tj. koliko sam shvatio fora je da iz Holandije ne moze aplikant donijeti sam police certificate..
vec moraju oni to u ambasadi dobiti iz holandske policije..
Osim toga neke su ispitivali o vjencanju.. jer su se ljudi vjencali nakon dobijanja koverte.. tako da svi oni koji ste se vjencali nakon dobijanja koverte.. pripremite slike zajednicke, ako ste se bili zarucili sa zaruka, zajednicka ljetovanja i sl. Moj savjet je i da ako imate neke zajednicke racune ili nesto sl od ranije da i to obavezno ponesete.. i naravno spremite pricu o tome.. da vas ne iznenadi pa se isfurate pa pocnete mucati na engleskom i sl.

Evo sada cu postati.. iskustva od danas..

01.10.2008, 22:11
Hi everyone,

We had our interview today in Brussels at 2:00 PM. Everything went good although they asked us many questions about our marriage because we got married after I won lottery, but we could provide them enough evidence by showing them our engagement pictures and many other pictures we had together before our marriage and our home contract signed by both of us in 2006, etc. Anyway, after a long interview they told us that because my husband used to live in Netherlands for 5 years after the age 16, the American embassy should request the police certificate directly from Netherlands, even though we requested ourselves already and we had it with us they didn't accept it and they said that only from Netherlands the applicant cannot bring the police certificate himself. So they gave us a blue paper marked in the section 221(g) and with the remark " Dutch police certificate record: Mr x" and they told us that they will call us as soon as they got answer from Netherlands.
Although the consular told us if they would have that certificate our visa would be issued I am still not comfortable with it and I hope they will call us as soon as possible.

Anyone had a similar issue like ours...someone from Netherlands maybe?
Is the blue paper something unusual or bad??

Please help me if you can.


Odgovor drugog clana:

I had mine in Germany today morning. I didn't have my police certificate for germany where am currently residing as well as my AOS. I was just given a green paper with the ticked items and was told to forward the docs to them as soon as i get them. They didn't giveme my passport and said they'll send it by post with the visa after receipt of the missing docs.

If your hussy is clean, u need not worry.

01.10.2008, 22:12
Evo jedno iskustvo iz kojeg nista necete nauciti..:)

OOOHHHH; i made it. Guess i was the first to get a dv 2009 visa. It took me 30mins that is 8am-8.30am in Frankfurt Germany and i was done with the interview. Couldn't hold my breath when the lady congratulated me with a hand shake and wished me best of luck in my newly found land.
America here i come

01.10.2008, 22:13
Evo da naucimo nesto o slikama.. koje ne smiju biti starije od 6 mjeseci..

HI!!! I done it too and I got it, but it took me 1 hour and a half. They did it slow but right. The interview wasn't a real interview, it was done thorugh a window, the same as the cashier and as the girl took my documents. I never went in a room. I was all the time in front of the windows, sitting in a chair with other peeople who was waiting there too.

The interivew with the official was 5 minutes and she only asked why I applied the lottery and what I wanted to do there. After that, she told me things I knew (thanks to this forum), like what would they send to me (do not open bown envelope), and she remindme that it wasn't the nationality (the issue I can't left the country more than a year) Afer that she answer my questions and she was very polite and tried to answer me as best as she could (because somethings aren't up to the embassy and they didn't know it).

I brought my 5x5 photos, but they made me redo it again (they were less than 6 months). I guess they have to pay the photo machine they have in the different embassies

I hope it can help people now or in future!!!!

03.10.2008, 11:06
Hvala, Sandlord, sto mislis na buduce mladence. Uz sve tvoje savjete i one koje si prilijepio s drugih foruma, a buduci da i sam spadam u one koji ce se vjencati prije intervjua, zelio bih da dodam i ovo: ako ste sa svojom ljepsom and/or jacom :) polovinom putovali zajedno u inostranstvo (na odmor, ekskurziju...) ponesite i pasose kojima, uz fotografije to mozete i dokazati, kao i racune iz turistickih agencija ili hotela, vaucere (ako ste ih slucajno sacuvali) itd.

03.10.2008, 22:44
prebacio sam ovo novo u posebnu temu (http://www.zelenalutrija.com/forum/showthread.php?t=263).... :rolleyes:

08.10.2008, 11:32
Poslije dva dana posta.. danas jos jedan lik prosao intervju...
Intervju je odrzan u Turskoj.. veceras ce staviti detalje sa intervjua.. pa cu prenijeti ovdje...

08.10.2008, 23:58
Here is details of interview ..

o: officer
M: is me
first my number is show on board and gone to cashier and paid 775 usd to cashier and orjınal of dıploma give her.

o: goodmornıng
o:what is your name ???? :s
M: xxxx
o: what is ur surname
o:what is ur name surname ?????????? :S
m:xxxxx S:S:S:S
o:what is ur name
3 time ask this questıon
and finally
o: who filled the first registaration form for u.
m: my self at home and ın my own laptop
o: are u sure
m: yes and remember tıme the i filled and i got screenpıcture of all page ın my computer ı saved all
o: why ur surname and name are dıfferent from other evıdence documentıon?
m: how??
she show me the fırst form whıc ıs some thıng lıke scanned
still i didnt understood what she mean i just schooked
o: look here u wrtıe ur name to famıly name and write name to surname
m: just look the paper and she was rıght then said i cant belıve this maybe i d looked that form fifty time and really can not understood how sorry.
o:is this evıdence of tax about company it s ur comapany
m: yes
o: how many people work there
m: normally 10 but ın summer time with the part time maybe arround 40 people
o: ok good are u owner
m: yes owner and manage myself
o: why do u want to go usa
m: dreamland : ***just thıs word dreamland nothıng more haha
o: who is thıs (show the job offer letter whıc ıs publıc notary stamped and show me the name of sıgner
m: he is owner and he is my friend from turkey
o: r u gonna work there?
m: yes first while go to toefl i have to work in easy job and i will work in that job maybe more then 1 year
o: who is this in adrees u give in usa
m: friend from here whıc we busınes partner at the 2000
let me check some thıng
Then she gone back sıde of ofııce and ask some one some questıon and back to me
o: why u wanna go usa ???? :S:S:S
m: dreamland
ok every thıng is okay gıve small piece of paper write my case number and send me ups desk

i paid the ups desk 9 usd on monday today is wednesday and i recieved my envolope and visa stamped passport

Wish all of u best of luck

They are help us belıve dont affraid talk clearly and answer all questıon honeslty and dont forget the smile thats all.